2013. május 7., kedd

DIY dreamcatcher for mother's day

I'm freakkinn broken so this year i decided to make something by myself for my mom as a mother's day persent. And it happened to be a dreamcatcher.
I really like dream catchers, i have around 5 in my room, some are from shops, others are also DIY by me.

What you'll need:
  • an embroidery hoop - you can choose the size
  • lace ribbon to wrap around the hoop
  • twine
  • a charm of your choice
  • an assortment of colorful yarn, ribbon and sequins
Step 1
Wrap the embroidery hoop with the lace ribbon.

Step 2
Fix the twine on the hoop and create a loop and bring the twine over the front of the hoop. 
Step 3
Wrap the twine around the hoop and back over the twine.
Step 4
Continue this around the hoop until a small hole in the middle is left to attach the charm.

 Make sure the loops around the hoop are tight. Don't be afraind to re-do it! :)

Step 5
Add your trip to the bottom using all kind of fabrics you like. 
Step 6
Add your charm to the middle of your dream catcher.

Ta-daah! Now you have your very own dreamcatcher! 

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