2016. augusztus 18., csütörtök

A day in Agra

The train ride to Agra showed a new side of India. After getting over that people were taking paparazzi photos of me with their phones, I pretty much enjoyed the ride. I got food and tea and some strange coffee that was weaker than my tea. I wanted to read a book but just staring out the window was more entertaining. We passed by colorful villages, saw monkeys stealing food from tables, wild peacocks running through the fields, elephants playing, goats jumping on fences, women working hard in dirt wearing their beautiful saris and I saw an abundance of men pooping just right next to the rails. Unforgettable.

The Taj Mahal is majestic. Standing at the Yamuna river it makes you feel like you entered a fairy tale. I wouldn't wonder if princess Yasmine would appear on a magic carpet. 

Agra itself is somewhat better than Delhi, but still very loud, full of litter but at least there are more cows and buffalos walking around. One day is far enough to spend in Agra. You come in the morning and leave in the afternoon.

I got in easily but the overwhelming amount of taxi drivers who tried to get me in their car scared me so I turned back to the railways station where I saw a blond girl, looking quite lost. I decided to give up my plan of being a solo traveller who goes everywhere alone and asked her if she's going to the Taj Mahal and if she'd like to go together. She wasn't as lost as she seemd, already made friends with an Indian lady who helped us to find a taxi for good price.

We went to the Taj Mahal, and I'm not going to say anything about it here since you can all check it on Wikipedia if you're interested. The experience can't be described with words anyways. I recommend to take a tour guide, they know literally everything that can be known and work as an excellent photographer and they are champions of patience.

From the Taj our driver took us to a restaurant, food was ok and we met a snake charmer after! I so wished to see a snake charmer in India. I even held the cobra but I can't show you since the photos were taken by the girl who was with me and I didn't get the pics yet.

After the Taj we checked out the Agra Fort. It's wonderful and even prettier than Red Fort in Delhi, in my opinion. People told me not to visit here once I saw Red Fort but I think the opposite. If you saw Agra Fort then you saw Red Fort, too. (Don't want to offend anybody though)

Before heading back to Delhi we had some time to visit Baby Taj. Can you believe that it was empthy? There was literally nobody besides us. Later an Indian family came but they rushed through it. You shouldn't. It's marvelous, with many beautiful spots for Instagram worthy photos, if you care.  

 My tree pose improved a lot since then...

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