2016. május 13., péntek

Mollie's rhubarb pie {gluten + milk free & vegetarian}

I - fortunately, made the yummiest cake I've ever made on my name day. And the best part is that I've never tried rhubarb before, but now I now what I missed out. Rhubarb tastes heavenly! ;)


For the pie crust:

300 g gluten free flour
200 g margarine
100 g sugar
3 eggs
1/2 bag of baking powder (optional, I like to add it to my flour blend)

For the filling:
6-8 sticks of rhubarb
100 g sugar
1 spoon of vanilla puding powder 

Pre-heat your oven to 175 Celsius.

Mix the flour with the sugar and the baking powder, melt the margarine just until it softens (45 sec in microwave, add it to the flour. Then add the 3 eggs, too and mix it well with the flour and the margarine. Make two portions from the dough. Roll out the bigger portion, make sure it's bigger than the baking tin you use. Cover your baking tin with oil and place the rolled out dough in it so it covers the walls of the tin.

Wash the rhubarbs and slice it up. Mix the sugar with the puding powder. Then evenly layer the rhubarbs on the dough in the baking tin and spread the sugar-puding powder mix on top. Roll out the leftover dough and cover your pie with it. Poke holes on top with a fork and place it in the oven for about 30-40 mins.

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