2016. május 27., péntek

India, wait for me!

I mentioned in my previous post that I have big news for everybody. Now it's time to share it with you, too. 

I'm going to visit the miraculous country of India.

Yes!! It's been a childhood dream of me to backpack through the whole world and slowly it's coming to reality. Unfortunately I won't have enough time to visit everything I originally planned, but still I'll have 9 days in this beautiful country to travel before I make my other dream come true. Yes, I make two dreams come true in one sitting. Backpacking India and taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, at the feet of the Himalayas, where yoga was born. It's also the place where the Beatles learned yoga.

And where will I travel? Next month I'll land in New Delhi and stay for a while with hosts from Couchsurfing, then visit the wonderful Taj Mahal, then move to Jaipur. From then maybe Udaipur, Jaisalmer if I'll have enough time, I can't really calculate because of the transportation is unknown for me yet. But for sure I'll visit the golden palace of Amritsar before I arrive at my yoga shala in Rishikesh. Then I'll stay for a whole month for the intensive course to learn the mysteries of hatha, vinyasa and Iyengar yoga.  

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