2016. június 26., vasárnap

Summer squash soup with herbs {vegan + gluten free}

Ingredients (4-5 portions):

- 1 big squash
- 1 medium size onion
- 2 tbs oil (I like to use the rosemary-garlic infused olive oil what my friend got me from Croatia)
- 1-1,5 liter veggie broth
- salt, pepper, cayenne pepper according to your taste
- parsley, rosemary, thyme according to your taste
- a little gluten free flour if the soup is not creamy enough (you can also use a potato)


Peel the squash and remove the seeds, cut it up into little cubes. Slice the onion but no need to chop too tiny pieces because we will blend it in the end. Heat the oil and steam the onion until it's glassy then add the squash cubes to it and steam them together for a few minutes. Now add the broth and the herbs. Cook it until the squash softens then blend the soup. If you find it not creamy enough you can add some flour or a baked potato and blend the soup again with a blender. 

Eat the soup as it is or with toasted GF bread cubes if you'd like to. Sometimes I eat it with soy creame.

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