2016. augusztus 29., hétfő


I met my friend, Jeffery on Couch Surfing and we decided to go to Jaipur together. Before we hopped on a train in Delhi, we had to rush through the whole city to get to the old Delhi railway station, where our train was 2 hours late but hey, it's India! And being late with 2 hourse is like nothing (remember my friend who was late with 6 hours? nah that's what I'm talking about)

So after a 6 or 7 hours long ride we arrived at Jaipur Junktion, and hardly found a rikshaw that would take us to our hosts house, that turned out was 24 km-s far from Jaipur. Actually, in a total different town. We stayed at Eleday, Mansoori Farm. Well, the place was insane. No electricity, huge bugs and lizards everywhere, couldn't close the bathroom door, no light in the toilet, disgusting kitchen and I'm sure they never cleaned before. The guy said he has 30 elephants but there wasn't any until morning, when only 2 elephants appeared.

There was nothing to see in that village, so we visited the fort in the neighbour town called Amber. We took the local bus and that was insane! (I know, it's my favorite word to describe India but it is insane.)

Amber fort is amazing. You can sit on the back of an elephant that would take you up to the fort but it's nothing I'd like to do. I mean it must be amazing butsame time I find it cruel to the animals, so I skipped that. I have my own two feet to walk.  

Amazing spice garden of the Fort

With my friend, Jeffery

Some tour guides are very pushy, they follow you until you say 'yes'. We didn't want a guide but the guy conviced us so we said yes. Haha!  But you know what? It was worthy (and only for 200Rp). 

After the palace we visited fabric painters.

 Our hunger took  us to the next stop, a restaurant. Yeah, you guessed well. ;) It seemed pretty clear but when we got the food the fork was dirty, and the plate had some dried leftovers on it. Ewww... Few hours later I had terrible belly ache and diarrhea. Yeah, Delhi belly in Amber. Only I can get it.


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