2016. szeptember 7., szerda

Jaipur, the Pink City

On our first day we were exploring the streets of Jaipur or the Pink City. The name comes from the color of the buildings of the old town, where the walls show every shade of pink that exist on the Spectrum. Interestingly there are many yellow painted buildings in the old town, mostly around the main palace but yes, Jaipur is still very pink. :)

Jaipur was just as dirty as Delhi if not dirtier, many beggars live on the streets but still it's a beautiful place to visit. Just watch your step, while your eyes are glued to the beautiful buildings you might step into a pile of cow poop or slip on trash. :)

The yellow walls of the old town

We visited the main palace but it was too pricey for us, so we simply crossed the street to take a visit at Jantar Mantar instead. I really like this name: Jantar Mantar alias the observatory that was built in the 18th century and is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments.

Offerings to the gods

After some shopping in the neighborhood (I got wonderful Rajasthani wall hanger with mandala and elephants!) we arrived at Hawa Mahal, The palace of the winds which happens to be my favorite part of the city! 

 The stunning details and the pastel colors are like true eye candy. I never wanted to live in a palace but I would say YES!! if they'd ask me to live here. :)  

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