2017. január 14., szombat

Persimmon-banana smoothie with turmeric & cumin seeds {gluten free + vegan}

It might sound strange for first but the sweet taste of persimmon and banana goes really well with the powerful taste of turmeric and cumin. 

Make sure that all the fruits are ripe so your body can absorb the nutrients better. 

1 persimmon
1 banana
a dash of turmeric
a little sprinkle of cumin seeds

Throw everything in a blender and add the half amount of water to it. Blend it until you get the texture you like.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates so they make a perfect base for post workout smoothies. They contain iron, B6 vitamin and minerals, too (magnesium, potassium are important for the body).

Persimmons also contain a lot of vitamins (such as A,C,E and B6) and minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus and manganese). 

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