2017. febru√°r 16., cs√ľt√∂rt√∂k


Finally I got some amaranth for myselfūüėÄ I was thinking about it for so long, but nobody coul tell me if it's tasty or worth to buy (it's very expensive here). So I had to go & find it out for myself. I was that lucky that I bought the actually 8$ bag for less than 2$!! 

Isn't it wonderful that the aztecs used amaranth 8000 years ago? Not only as food/grains but also at rituals and ceremonies but here in Hungary we barely know anything about it.

Similar to quinoa and rice, you cook it in water, sweet or salty and it's a wonderful gluten free alternative. Use the fresh amaranth leaves in your salad or the elder ones can be cooked/fried. For it's beautiful flower you can simply keep it in your garden, too. 

High in protein, it makes a great source for vegans and it also contains a high amount of manganese, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. It's full with lysine, that is a protein that can also be find in milk and the body needs it to function properly. What is even better? It contains more lysine than milk so nobody can argue with vegans that you have to drink milk for calcium, since amaranth has more of both lysine and calcium than milk has. Plus you don't need to fill your body with those hormones that you drink with the milk.

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